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Here’s why our city gardens are important.

Save The City Gardens

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Save the City Gardens strives to preserve the green spaces 

within our inner cities.

Having spaces for kids to play in is an important reason for families to carry on living in the city. Green areas provide space and a healthy balance in the city. They contribute to biodiversity in the city and fulfil an important social function. They create natural screens between houses and act as a buffer which protects us against water damage from storms. The city’s gardens are its green lungs and vital dust filters. They are priceless, yet they cost society nothing. They are of collective importance for every city dweller.

This is why city and suburb dwellers want to be recognised as full partners (and not be ignored when they oppose a project) when decisions are made which have an immediate impact on their quality of life. They don’t want the back windows of their houses or apartments to look out onto brick walls and closed windows and feel obliged to have to go to the park to be able to relax and feel good in the city after a busy day’s work.

We all need to take great care of our inner city gardens. Once a garden has been replaced by a building, the green space becomes building space and the garden and the nature it nurtures are gone forever. It takes years for trees and vegetation to grow into a lovely garden, but just a few minutes to destroy it.

Join us in protecting our inner city gardens!

Don’t allow the last green spaces in our cites to be destroyed!

They cost us nothing, yet they are priceless. Together we can ensure that inner city gardens survive and continue to play their natural role.